Spouse KITAS

Spouse KITAS is for applicants who married to Indonesian Citizen, Spouse KITAS allows you to open bank account, eligibility to become an Indonesian citizen, eligibility to start your own business without additional applicant of a work permit, etc.


Documents Required :
– Expatriate passport with minimum 4 blank pages still available with minimum 18 (eighteen) months validity and scanned copy of identification page and cover
– Bank statement (minimum amount $1500)
– Address in original country
– Domicile letter from sub-district (kantor kelurahan) or domicile letter from Building Management
– ID Card (KTP) of Indonesian spouse
– Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) of Indonesian spouse
– Birth certificate (Akta Lahir) of Indonesian spouse
– Marriage Certificate (already reported to civil registration Indonesia)
– Full dose Vaccine Certificate