Working KITAS

Working KITAS allows you to work in a company and actively earn income, open bank account, taxes, get a mobile phone etc. To obtain this working permit you need to work for a company that registered within Indonesia.


Documents Required :

1. Applicant Documents :

  •  Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the expatriate
  •  Certificate of degree graduated
  •  Expatriate passport with minimum 4 blank pages still available with minimum 18 (eighteen) months validity and scanned copy of identification page and cover
  •  Photograph of the expatriate, size 4 cm x 6 cm: 2 pieces, red background, format .jpeg
  • Domicile Letter of the expatriate in Indonesia (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal) from the Sub-district (Kantor Kelurahan); or Letter of Domicile from the Building Management or house/apartment rental Agreement Letter – signed by the house/apartment owner
  • Legality of the company sponsor in Indonesia (as seen in the List of Required Documents of Company Sponsor)

2. Company Sponsor Documents :

  • Company’s deed of establishment and its amendments (if any)
  • Approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLHR) of company sponsor / SK Kehakiman Pendirian – – Perusahaan dan Perubahannya (if any)
  • Tax Registration Number (NPWP) of company sponsor
  • Certificate of Domicile (SKDU) of company sponsor
  • Business License (SIUP) / Principle License (Izin Prinsip/IP) / Permanent Business License (Izin Usaha Tetap/IUT) of sponsor company of BKPM
  • Certificate Company Registration (TDP) of company sponsor
  • ID Card (KTP) and Family Register (KK) of the Indonesian Director of company sponsor as Guarantor, or passport of foreign Director.
  • Blank papers with the company’s letterhead; (for application letters)
  • Mandatory Manpower Report (Wajib Lapor Keberadaan/WLK) of company sponsor
  • Employment contract between company sponsor and the expatriate
  • ID card/ KTP of the Indonesian counterpart
  • Appointment letter between company and the Indonesian counterpart
  • Company’s bank account information or statement – balance minimum USD 1,500